Richie Bike Lane works to the highest standard on all types of bikes.
Components are sourced locally, from Australia and worldwide to meet your exact requirements at the best possible price or you can even BYO (Bring Your Own) parts.
When you bring your bike in it will be inspected, your requirements set and an estimate given. Phone 0400 086 458 for an appointment or to discuss your cycling needs


Price $40 plus parts
Includes 1X repair from the price list up to the value of $40.
Your bike is already in pretty good shape but needs a touch-up before a race/event/weekend ride/commute.
Service includes...

  • Check and tighten all bolts including crank to correct torque
  • Check all components for safety and wear. Advise on any further work that may be required
  • Adjust brake pads
  • Tighten brake cables
  • Adjust gears
  • Drive-train wear checked
  • Lubricate chain and cables
  • Check spokes and true minor buckles (wheel stays on bike)
  • Headset checked and tightened
  • Frame & wheels wiped down
  • Tyres inflated
Price list


Price $90 plus parts
INCLUDING ANY standard part/accessory installations listed in RED in the Labour Charges list below.
Recommended every 6 months, your bike will be professionally cleaned, adjusted and tuned ready for action!
Service includes...
Tune Up, plus;

  • Chain/cassette degreased, lubed or replaced (parts extra)
  • Seatpost removed, cleaned and greased (including carbon grip grease)
  • Tyres removed, rim tape /tubes/ tyres checked
  • Wheels trued on a truing stand
  • Hub adjustment
  • Brake surface /discs cleaned & straightened
  • Drive train degreased
  • Bike cleaned/washed
  • Brake pads de-glazed
Price list

Bike overhual or vintage renovation

Start with the $90 Service then add each specific labour charge from the "Parts installation and repairs" list below minus 20%.
Price list

Bike builds

Have a bike built exactly how you want it at a price to suit your pocket. It could be your dream road bike, speedy commuter , groovy town bike, fixie or mountainbike. Richie will source your frame and parts new or even second hand or Bring your own. Top end, middle ground or cheap n' cheerful - it's up to you . Rest assured Richie's component prices will be the best you can find.
The cost of a build varies on the complexity and your chosen parts specification The labour cost is calculated by adding each item from the list below minus 20%

Contact Richie for a free consultation and quote.

Custom wheels

Richie will hand build you a set of wheels to suit your ride. Using Velocity, Novatec, DT Swiss or whatever rims, spokes and hubs you require. Contact Richie for a free consultation and quote.

Parts installation, repairs and upgrades

Then add subsequent labour charges from the list OR for more than TWO repairs pay $90, get the service and 20% off subsequent fixes.
Minimum repair labour cost is $40 for a single repair apart from bar tape, grips, pedals, suspension tune, innertube and basic accessory installs.

SKU Description Price
ACI Accessory installation basic $10
BTI Road bike bar tape installation (tape not included) $20
BBA Bottom bracket adjustment $10
BBI Bottom bracket installation $30
BBO Bottom bracket overhaul $30
BBP Bottom bracket install press fit $30
BOX Box bike for shipping or build a bike that has been shipped $60
BRI Disc brake rotor installation $20
BKA Brake adjustment $10
BPI Brake pad installation (per end plus cost of parts) $20
BKI Road/vee brake calliper installation per end $20
BLI Brake lever installation $20
BLD Brake bleed hydraulic per end $40
BKH Brake installation hydraulic per end (including bleed if required) $50
BKO Brake overhaul hydraulic per end $80
BGI Cable installation brake/gear inner and outer including parts (x1) $15
FRE Freehub service or installation $50
CSI Cassette installation $20
CHI Chain installation $20
CRA Crankset installation (not including parts or bottom bracket installation) $30
CRI Chainring installation $20
COFF Coffee $00
FRS Frame swap $200
DER Front or rear derailleur installation or rear hanger alignment $40
GER Front or rear gear adjustment $30
GRI Handgrips installation (plus cost of parts) $15
HBI Handlebar installation and fit grips/tape $40
HSA Headset adjustment $15
HSO Headset overhaul or installation (plus cost of parts) $30
Fork installation and/or cut steerer $50
HUA Hub adjustment $10
HUO Hub overhaul (plus cost of parts) $30
PAN Pannier rack installation, front or rear $20
PDI Pedal removal or installation $10
RSI Rear shock install $50
SAD Saddle and/or seatpost installation including carbon grip grease $20
SHT Shifter installation STI road X 1 $40
SHM Shifter installation MTB x 1 $40
STM Stem installation $15
SUS Tune suspension forks or shock $20
TUC Tyre /innertube installation (+parts) $10
TLI Tyre installation tubeless (including my sealant or BYO) per wheel $25
TCONV Tubeless tyre, rim tape, valve and goop installation per wheel (plus cost of rim tape, valve, sealant or BYO) $50
TRB Wheel true x1 $30
SPI Wheel spoke installation from $40
WHB Wheel building per wheel $90

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